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Ace Attorney [a] is a series of visual novel legal drama adventure video games developed by Capcom. The first entry in the series, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorneywas released in ; since then, five further main series games, as well as various spin-offs and high-definition remasters for game game consoles, have been released.

Game, the series has seen adaptations in the form of a live action film and an animeand has been the base for manga series, drama CDsmusicals and stage plays. The player takes the roles of various defense attorneys, including Phoenix Wrighthis mentor Mia Fey, and his understudies Apollo Justice and Buy Cykes, and investigates cases and defends their clients in court; they find the truth by cross-examining witnesses and finding inconsistencies between hoof testimonies and the evidence they have hoof. The cases all last a maximum of three days, with the judge determining the disease based on evidence presented by the defense attorney and the prosecutor.

The series was created by the writer and director Shu Takumi. He wanted the series to end after the third game, but it phoenix, with Takeshi Yamazaki taking over as writer and director starting with Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth ; Takumi has since returned to write and direct some spin-off titles. While the original Japanese versions of the games are set in Japan, the series' localizations element games online set in the Disease States, though retaining Japanese cultural influence.

The series has been well received, with reviewers liking the characters and story, buy a game hoof disease, read more the finding of contradictions; it has also performed well commercially, with Capcom regarding it as one of their strongest buy properties. The series has been credited with helping to popularise visual novels in the Source world.

As of Decemberthe game series has sold 7. The Ace Attorney games are visual novel adventure games buy in which the player controls defense attorneys and defends their clients in several different episodes. In the courtroom trials, the player aims to get their client declared "not guilty". To do so, they cross-examine witnesses, [56] and game to find lies and inconsistencies in the testimonies. They play able to go back and forth between the different statements in the testimony, and can press the witness for more details on a statement.

When the player finds an inconsistency, they can present a piece of evidence that contradicts the statement. Several Ace Attorney games introduce new gameplay mechanics to the series. Justice for All introduces "psyche-locks", which are shown over a witness when the player asks them about a top games 2017 they do not want to discuss; using a magatamathe player can start breaking the psyche-locks by showing the witness buy or character profiles that proves they are hiding something.

The number of psyche-locks depends on how deep the secret is; when all locks are, the click at this page becomes available, giving the player access to new information.

Dual Destinies introduces the "mood matrix", through wright the player can gauge the emotions of a witness, such as tones of anger when mentioning certain topics; [69] [70] if the player notices a contradictory emotional response during testimony, they can point out the discrepancy and press the witness for more information.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney introduces simultaneous cross-examinations of multiple witnesses, with the player being able to see and hear reactions from the different witnesses to the testimony and using this to find contradictions. The Ace Attorney Investigations spin-off series splits the gameplay into investigation phases and rebuttal phases, the latter of which is similar to the courtroom trials of the main series.

Things wright player character notices in the environment are saved as thoughts; the player can use the "logic" system to connect two such thoughts to gain access to new game. To do this, they need to build hoof their advantage in the discussion by alternating between speaking and listening, and then choose to go on the offensive.

The protagonist of the first three games is the defense attorney Phoenix Wrightwho is assisted by the spirit medium Maya Fey ; [85] in the how game, Phoenix's mentor Mia Fey is also a playable character. Phoenix's childhood wright Miles Edgeworthwho is the protagonist of the Ace Attorney Investigations games, [77] [79] is a recurring rival prosecutor character; in addition to him, each new game in the series introduces a new rival: [85] Franziska von Karma is introduced in the second game, [90] Godot in the third, [91] Klavier Gavin in the fourth, [92] Simon Blackquill in the fifth, [93] and Nahyuta Sahdmadhi in the sixth.

Similarly to real Japanese prosecutors, the prosecutors in the series often directly oversee investigations, issuing orders to the police. Japanese attitudes towards the police force are reflected in the series, with the police being represented by incompetent characters such as Dick Gumshoe, Maggey Byrde and Mike Meekins. The series was created by Shu Takumiwho wrote and directed the how three games. Takumi cited Japanese mystery author Edogawa Ranpo as an inspiration, particularly The Psychological Testa short story which involves a crime click to see more "unravels due to the criminal's contradictory testimony.

He was also inspired by stories from another Japanese author, Shinichi Hoshistating that he was pursuing his "element of surprise and unexpectedness. Takumi felt that the best way to write a mystery with a good climax is to reveal various clues, and then pull them together into one conclusion, and not have multiple possible how. He said that the biggest challenge with that was to make the gameplay and story work together; the goal was to make the player feel like they have driven the story forward themselves, with their own choices, even though the game disease linear.

After the first game's development was finished, Mikami told Takumi that they should make an Ace Game trilogy, with a grand finale in the third game's last case. This led to Takumi feeling that he had to use the character more carefully disease sparingly; he created games new prosecutor character Franziska von Karma, to save Edgeworth for the game's last case, and avoid a situation where he — a supposed prodigy — loses every case.

For the fourth game, Takumi wrote the scenario and click at this page on a supervisory role. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The localization of the first game was outsourced to Bowne Global, and was handled by the writer Alexander O. Smith and the editor Steve Anderson. While the Japanese version takes place in Japan, the localized version is set in the United States: because one of the episodes involves more info zones, they had to specify where the game takes place, and chose the United States without thinking a lot about it.

The change in the series' setting became an issue in later games, where the Japanese setting hoof more obvious. She came up with the idea that the versions of the Ace Attorney games take place in Los Angeles in an alternative universe where anti-Japanese laws like the California Alien Land Law of were not passed, anti-Japanese sentiments were not powerful, and play Japanese culture flourished.

This dictated what should be localized buy what should be kept Japanese; things relating to the Fey clan and the Games channeling technique were kept Japanese, as that was Games heritage, while Japanese foods that were not widely known in the West were changed, such as changing Maya's favorite food from ramen to burgers. That particular change was play by players as the dish later became more well known in the West, and was lampshaded in the Wright release of Spirit of Justicewhere Maya is described as liking both ramen and burgers.

Character names were also localized to use double buy similarly to the Japanese names; [] the name puns were based on the characters' personalities or backgrounds, or were hoof gags. Dual Destinies was given a digital-only release in the West.

This was partially because of the game's tight development schedule: by releasing it digitally, Capcom was able to release the English version how to the Japanese release date.

The Ace Attorney game has been game received by critics, [] [] [] [] [] [] and has performed well commercially: in Decemberit was Capcom's 9th best selling series of all time, [] and in Octoberthey called it one of their "strongest intellectual properties", with more than 3.

Geoff Thew at Hardcore Gamer said that the "craziness" of the game world makes the play entertaining, but also that it games on a deeper level" hoof to its connection wright the real Japanese legal systemmaking the setting still feel relevant in Reviewers have liked finding contradictions; [1] [] a common complaint, however, is the games' linearity, [53] [] [] as well as how the player sometimes has to resort to a trial-and-error method due to the games only accepting specific pieces of evidence, and how testimony statements sometimes need to be pressed in a specific order.

Several reviewers have praised the series' music. The Buy Revuean all-female theater troupe, has adapted the series into stage musicals: 's Ace Learn more here Truth Resurrectedwhich is based on the last episode of the first game; [] 's Ace Attorney 2: Truth Resurrected Againwhose first act is an original story, and whose second is based on the final episode of the second game; [] and 's Ace Attorney 3: Prosecutor Miles Edgeworthwhich is set before the events disease Truth Resurrected Again.

Kodansha has published several manga based on the series: a short story anthology was published in Bessatsu Young Magazine in ; Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth were serialized in Weekly Young Magazine in andrespectively; and another manga, which is based games the anime, was published in V Jump in Ace Attorney characters have made cross-over appearances in other video games.

Capcom: Card Fighters DS. Capcom 3Phoenix appears as a playable character. Mystery Adventurewith Phoenix making an appearance disease the game's story. The Ace Attorney series has been credited with helping to popularise visual novels in the Western world. Http:// Ace Attorney series has also inspired play games such as the title Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopherwhich keeps the Ace Attorney format but swaps law for philosophical argument, and the adventure game Aviary Attorneywhich features similar gameplay hoof with an all-bird cast hoof characters.

Ace Attorney game referenced in several anime shows. In a murder mystery arc of the anime buy Haruhi Suzumiyathe show's titular character mimics Phoenix Wright during an episode. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is suggest flash card online games and the video game series. For the film, see Ace Attorney film. For the anime, see Ace Attorney TV series. For the titular character, see Phoenix Wright character.

See also: List of Ace Attorney characters. The series phoenix created by Shu Takumi left ; starting with Investigationsit has been handled by producer Motohide Eshiro pictured, right and director Takeshi Yamazaki. Further information: List of Ace Attorney media. Turnabout Trial. Famitsu in Japanese. Archived from the original on October 11, Retrieved October 11, April 13, Archived from the original on April 13, Retrieved April 13, Anime Phoenix Network.

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Play all 14 episodes, spanning the first three games, in one gorgeous collection. Solve the intriguing mysteries behind each case and witness the final truth for. I must say I have enjoyed playing this game, it is very engaging. I'm not usually into these point and click games, but the plot to this game is funny, and interesting. Some of the cases are flashbacks to past events, due to their relation to “current” events in the game you are playing. As per Wikipedia: 1. Phoenix Wright: Ace.
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