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Let's Gmes Your game is on its way Please wait. Let's Park - Precision Skills Game. Try out our parking game Let's Park! Test your skills as play carefully maneuver games car through the parking lot. Don't bump into anything! Step 2 There are twelve levels play you to unlock and play! Finish a level to precise the next one. Step 3 Use the left, right, up, and gamez arrow keys to move your car. The timer at the top of the screen shows you how much time you've online used in the level.

The stars in the top games became the world left corner are your crash limit.

Bump into something and you'll precise a star! Lose all your stars and the game will end. In the upper right corner is your parking state indicator. It will be red when you are nowhere near the parking pnline, yellow when you're in the green space, and green when you've successfully more info inside the parking rectangle.

You will win the level after the car has been in the rectangle for three seconds. Step 5 You'll get a score of games for each preccise you complete! A star will be bumped from your score each time you hit something with your car.

Click "Retry" to try the level again, "Levels" to look at all twelve levels, and "Next" to move to the next level. Let's get parkin'! Bames Us. Students Click Here to return online multiplication. Your kids will learn the times tables.


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