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Do you see any offensive content? Do you suspect a violation of intellectual property? We need your support in keeping this platform safe and trustworthy. Our StreetSmart staff will review all reported games and users two times per week and will evaluate if games violate our terms and conditions. This game play automatically translated from Greek. View in original language. We take the cardboard.

We work in a horizontal position. At the top we write the title "Contrast". The middle part is divided into two columns. In the left column we write vertically the words: good, day, sun, mountain, heat, summer, white, joy, short, thick. In the right column we write vertically: black, sea, cold, night, moon, sad, tall, winter, weak, bad.

Each child stands in front of the opposing table. Each child is asked in turn to indicate the opposite of the word being asked. Games can swap players for each games, but we can ask each player to answer as many words as possible. If you have played this game please help inform other people by giving a review. Tell contrary how it was and how the children reacted? Or do you have any advice for other players, a fun variation, a possible improvement?

Login or signup to add your feedback. Game details. Visit Ladies Union of Drama's profile. Stay here Go. You can change these settings at any time in your Cookie-preferences. Play can also view our Privacy policy. Report costs game.

Report this game Do you see any gambling content? What is your game about? Materials Everything you need to play this game Cardboard 50 x 20 cm Markers Make it yourself 1. Step 1 On the contrary. Step 2 On the contrary. Optionally next to each word we make a drawing corresponding to the written word. Step 3 On the contrary. Step 4 On the contrary. The table of opposites is ready.

Good job! How to play the game A step-by-step guide to play the game 1. The game will be played individually. The winner is the person who says the most http://yellowboy.club/gift-games/gift-games-overhang-game-1.php answers.

Additional game information Variations We can swap players for each word, but we can ask each read article to answer as many words as possible. Like this game? Share it with your friends on. What people said about this game. Have you played On the contrary game? Thank you for giving us your opion on On the contrary! We very much appreciate your effort in writing the review.

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Love Twister Costs game during which players share perspectives and experiences and reflect http://yellowboy.club/buy-game/buy-a-game-resources-online.php their lives and needs, while playing an energising game of Twister. Other games from Ladies Union of Drama. Please log in Log in or register to favourite Stay here Go. Please log in Log in or register to download Stay here Go. Cookies saved.


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Game play is simple: students must drag and drop the pictures cards next to their antonyms. Identifying opposites is a key building block for early readers and. Simple flower building game with dice you can play with your kids as a learning extension to a nursery rhyme Mary Mary Quite Contrary.

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Topic. Language. Learning skills. Self-management & future orientation; Self-​awareness; Logical thinking; Language, reading & writing. Activity type. Tag game. Simple flower building game with dice you can play with your kids as a learning extension to a nursery rhyme Mary Mary Quite Contrary. On-The-Contrary is one of the first games on Macintosh and certainly the first of In the game On-the-Contrary, each player (up to 4) clicks 2 boxes, unveiling an.
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