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By Kagat


Account Merchandise en en-GB de fr. Prev 1 2 Next Go. I think it would be fun to add some sort of obliivon mechanic to ESO. I imagine this could be an easy addition as well, at depending on how you go about it. Using just this you could play Lucky 7.

This is where players would bet on LowLucky 7 7or High and oblivon roll the dice to see the outcome. Or an Odds and Evens game. Or perhaps oblivion the radial menu movies could add a selection called gambling when you interact with a player that could open a window, similar to trading, that could allow you to roll dice oblivion omline a simple card game.

Thought I would throw it to the forums to see what everyone thinks. Would be interesting, but I'd rather they add full blown multiple player bettable card games online can be played by having numerous stranger players sitting down check this out tables in buildings. Gambling, maybe even some version of the Five Finger Fillet, that'd be amazing. Both city also accurate to the time period they are aiming for.

I realize that's a long stretch from games to movies, but it'd be sweet. Edited by Zazaaji on May 11, AM. English is not my first language, Finnish oblivion. Please don't heap on me for grammar problems.

May Yea, that would be cool as hell. I would prefer that indeed, I just figured I would start with the easy stuff lol. Inns should have games of chance as a social mechanic. That's right Click HERE to discuss. Want more crazy ideas? Movies out my Concept Repository! I had lots of fun doing that, made quite gambling bit of card gold also!

Maybe Tamriel uses a 56 card deck with 8 suites, one for each of the divines and 7 cards online suite, one for each day of the week. Or how about a card deck with online suites, one suite for each Daedric Prince, with 8 cards in each suite for Churls, Caitiffs, Kynvals, Kynreeve, Kynmarcher, Gambling, Valkynaz, fishing games online Princes.

There could be different decks for different games or there could be one deck that is used for different games. There are SO many possibilities! I would even be open to some sort of collectible game in Tamriel. Maybe not cards Edited by Gidorick on May 11, AM. Dice roll mini-game! Just yesterday I was doing trial and we needed to wait. I'd have loved to play something while we were waiting.

Later they could sell the same game in real-life too as merchandise. Edited by Sausage on Online 11, AM. This is one of those subjects that might get a bit tricky concerning online gambling laws. They'd probably be ok, but given the way some of these laws oblivon written and how eager some people are to enforce them, I'd probably want to double tremble buy a game thorpe a lawyer or twelve, just to be safe.

The treasures of knowledge are the most rare, and guarded the most harshly. Card reason why would couldn't bet on Lizard Racing You could buy your lizard and city it up, train it, feed it, etc - similar gambling to the Mount - except that you could then put it in to races.

I wouldn't mind oblivkon Dragon Quest style gambling. Put some really good stuff behind it and I bet people would grind it for years. As for lore, remember the quest where you feed the frog to win gamblkng race??

So gambling does exist in Tamriel!! Have been asking for gambling since launch, I mean Khajiit being Oblivion it is pretty far fetched that they haven't got some kind of dice or card game lol. Anger leads to oblvion.

If they added something like this, there would be a huge influx of players I love ESO but Click a realist. I have a Bosmer, three cats, 2 Imps, an gambling, a very short movies elf and my favorite vamp. I own just about every pet and mount in the game. I can officially say "I'm in deep!

And you're telling me that you're completely sane? Just upgrade your gear using a single upgrade mat - games to get your heart rate going. Just because you don't like the way something is doesn't necessarily make it wrong Earn it.

IRL'ing for oblivino while for assorted reasons, in forum, and in game. I am neither warm, nor fuzzy Gambling like to see two things for gambling: -Pet battles. My Imagikin monkey vs your Senche. Charge each other on a mount.

I'll bet ya 5k gold none of this happens Anything useful that players are wanting added into the game all fall under the category of "Yer ruinin my 'mersion! Why couldn't the Khajiit go to the party?

She had to be Elsweyr. Sign In or Register to comment.


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