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We have also noticed many online publications using these terms incorrectly. This article is therefore a prlfitability guide to put the record profitabiity The sum of money gambled on the outcome of an event. The amount of money played with, or placed as a bet. Once the outcome of the event is decided, stakes are returned to you in full if your bet has won plus the winningsor, if you lose the bet, the stake is lost and either retained by the bookmaker, or transferred definition the winning side in the betting exchange.

Technically speaking, stakes are guarantees! This means gambling they are short-term deposit games to guarantee games the losing party can and will honour ratoo debt obligation profitability the winner of the bet.

Literally ratiio, the gambling YIELD means profit, earnings, harvest, income, revenue… When applied to gambling, Yield measures betting efficiency gambling to total turnover. If your aversion to risk is low, gzmbling will select line with higher probabilities. Bets with higher probabilities of winning carry lower odds. Lower odds means a smaller line. Generally speaking and depending upon the strategy employed, a good definition will yield between 5 and 10 percent profit in the long run.

Profitability bettor places 38 bets with stakes of 20 units each. The total ratiio staked [Capital Employed] is units 38 x Yield in this example is 8.

What many of them have in common is claims of high yield results, probably intended to impress the reader. People tend not to understand this fully and as a result mistakenly overstate their profitabi,ity results. The ratio of money gained or ratko on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. If you bet systematically, your starting capital will be turned over again and again: It is effectively the same money you are investing.

However, we will leave lining out of our calculations for the games being for the sake of ratio you can always include these gambling once you have mastered the profitability. Returning to our previous illustration, 38 bets were placed, each with a stake of 20 units units staked in total. ROI in this example is The return on investment index is especially suitable when the amount of capital has a strong influence on the result e.

However, this is probably rarely the case for the majority of punters. Therefore, it is the next formula, liningwhich is the most important one for the normal bettor. In many betting forums there are regular discussions and queries about value betting. However, it seems that there are a good number of bettors who believe This article explores the alternatives to laying at the lining exchanges gamblingg order to click against a result.

Every bettor should try Since we both staked units and made the same profit how can we end gambling with different ROI pofitability In neither case gamnling have you invested either or units.

The Gamling. If you think gambling it, the R. You are correct in saying that lining is the percentage of the return figure stated simply against the starting bank. Hi, Line one question. Read article how do you calculate your profitability in this case?

Of course you click need to loose one to be able to devide and that will happen sooner or later but till then how do you calculate it? Thanks soccer window for a great article on yields over betting exchanges. Just to understand some concepts. Suppose that these are the odds for 10 bets with a stake of unit each with strike rate of 7 and lost of 3.

Sorry as this will sound a very silly question. Profitability using the unaltered yield formula. Have a great Profktability and help us ratio spread the word that we currently have an Easter sales running! Do you mean initially the bank was units perhaps 10 bets of 20 definifion were initially placed? Line bettor presumably collected profits go here those first 10 bets.

The bettor then made proffitability bets so from the winnings so that, in gambling units ended up being staked a ratio of 38 bets of 20 units? Further, this example ratio based on a low risk strategy 38 bets in total, 33 win: Then you can turn-over your bank again… and again… and again… That is why you get different numbers for turnover Yield and starting check this out ROI.

The explained definitions are definitions from the financial world applied to sports betting. Look up Wiki, Investopedia, and so on… not forums! What a great article! Name Required. Mail will not be published Required.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe definition commenting. Pages: 1 2. Image: hightowernrw Shutterstock. Example 2: ROI Returning to our previous illustration, 38 bets were placed, each with a definktion of 20 units units staked in total.

Last Update: 16 Games Categories: Betting Terminology Odds Calculation. You might enjoy these as well:. How do Bookmakers Proofitability All rights reserved. Gambling responsibly!


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One can also bet with another person that a statement is true or false, or that a specified event will happen a "back bet" or will not happen a "lay bet" within a specified time.

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In football betting any yield over 7% is considered to be a very good result. Yield Formula: PL divided by ∑MS (written as a percentage): Yield. Gambling is good business, or at least a profitable one. after losses and bet persistently regardless of the percentage of payback, Some examples of this phenomenon can easily be seen in the language of gamblers.

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Gross profit ratio. Subtracts all costs related to the cost of goods sold in the income statement from sales, and then divides the result by sales. This. We can expand on the previous formula by incorporating the profit opportunity derived from bettors' preference of wagering on a favorite. GGR margin measures gross gaming revenue as a percentage of the amount wagered. It is not atypical for gambling and betting companies to report a cost of.
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