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By Zutaur


David Stern Follow. Click parallels between Magic the Gathering and traditional forms of gambling cannot be ignored. Similarly, Magic the Gathering has online versions akin to esports and tournaments that mirror highly regulated card tournaments such as The World Series of Poker.

Questions of integrity and fair play are gambling place in Magic the Gathering gambling where there are significant awards on the 2018. In some games, fans can also place online bets on the outcomes of popular matches. Yet unlike professional sports and traditional gambling games, Magic the Gathering, in many ways like esports, caters — and is marketed towards — much younger customers.

How might this effect problem gambling? Perhaps 2018 toughest question of all, how can trading card games be effectively regulated without having a chilling effect on the burgeoning trading card game industry? Click Card is a J.

Candidate from the William S. He here an active member conference the legal gaming community in Las Vegas and has had his works published in the Http:// Law Review and by the International Association of Gaming See more. Stern was a recipient of the Shannon Bybee Scholarship Award in Awarded by IAGA.

Along with the reward was card financial scholarship. However, Stern received no funding during the writing games of this paper. The receipt of the Shannon Bybee award in no way impacts Stern's interests in submitting this paper or presenting this paper at this conference.

Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright. All items in Digital Scholarship UNLV are protected by original copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Skip to main content University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Submission Type Presentation.

Presenters David Stern Conference. Keywords magic the gathering, gaming, problem gambling. Author Bio David Stern is a J. Competing Interests The receipt of the Shannon Bybee award in no way impacts Stern's interests in submitting this paper or presenting this paper at this conference. Enter search terms:.

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