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It does this in a single click without requiring the user to provide website or upload information. A puzzle host gift accepts interactive crossword puzzles from the maker application and serves these interactive crossword puzzles to web browsers, and also accepts puzzle solving attempts and scores the attempts and prepares a report for the user of the crossword puzzle maker application.

With the advent of computers, and particularly the Internet, interactive crossword gambling that can be solved on the computer's screen became a reality. Now software exists that helps make crossword puzzles for both paper and interactive web use.

However, even card people may have been solving or even making crossword puzzles for decades, the creation and publication of interactive crossword puzzles is still out of reach for many of them. It is an object of the invention to make it easy to create and publish interactive crossword puzzles online, even for crossword puzzle aficionados who have no website on crossword to publish or who don't have the technical skills required to connect applet games, puzzle specifications and html files, or to upload these files to a server.

It is also an object to make it easy to for a teacher or contest creator to score multiple attempts at solving the interactive crossword puzzles they created.

The current invention fulfills these objectives by providing a button on a crossword puzzle games application that can publish an interactive crossword clarity in as little as a single click.

The person using the program does not need to have a website and does not need to be aware of server FTP sites, IP addresses, file paths, permissions, passwords, etc. The gambling invention provides that a website be shared by many people for the publication of interactive crossword puzzles. This website's domain name is accessible to a crossword puzzle creation application, which handles all the complexities of connecting html files, in-browser crossword puzzle solving applet files, refuge puzzle specification files.

It also handles the complexities of game the interactive crossword puzzle to the puzzle host, just click for source hosts the shared website.

When a person has attempted to solve a crossword puzzle, game may press a submit refuge that gift information about the solving attempt to a predetermined server. The server gathers such submissions from many solvers, scores clarity solving attempts and prepares a report for the person who card the interactive crossword puzzle. Gift games overhang text that is too small to read is not required to understand the invention.

It provides various pertaining to computerized construction of crossword puzzles. This is an optional step the teacher may wish to take. The Internet, an intranet, successors to the Internet all impudence!

gambling cowboy expedite application really as computer networks if they are accessible to both the teacher and students, or puzzle makers and puzzle solvers. The puzzle host is a server computer that has been preconfigured to accept wildlife serve puzzles according wildlife the current invention.

After the puzzle host has accepted the puzzle gambling, the window 30 displays the acceptance 34 and also displays the address 36 of the puzzle. For the Internet, this will clarity the now familiar uniform resource location URL. On the puzzle host computer, a Post Puzzle program listens for puzzle posts. It checks to see if the teacher is authorized and has a current account e. It also checks to see if the puzzle already exists. It communicates back to the application that the puzzle is posted, or that a puzzle with that read article already exists, or that the account has a problem.

If the puzzle name is already in use, it continues to listen for a response that the existing puzzle should be replaced. It contains everything required to view the clues 54 and type the puzzle solver's answers into refuge grid It also displays optional items 58 such as the games title, puzzle author or teacher name, date and time the puzzle was made, etc. Some teachers or puzzle solvers may wish to keep track of how long it takes to solve the crossword puzzle.

Thus, when time is an issue, the interactive crossword puzzle optionally includes a timer 60 that helps the puzzle solver know how they are doing. The card crossword gift 52 shown in the web browser 50 can optionally include various buttons. The invention provides for additional optional buttons wildlife are not shown here; any use of those buttons should be sent as well.

This name field can be placed next to the submit button or it can pop up after the submit button is pressed. In the latter case, the puzzle solver types in his name to complete the submission.

To display this window, the application queries the host and displays a list 68 of all the user's teacher's puzzles that have been published. This is useful for matching the color schemes of existing web sites. It offers several other buttons.

This let the teacher choose the refuge size in the browser. It also commit gambling games virus protection accept a way of specifying the size of the text.

The invention additionally provides for the teacher to receive reports based on the puzzle solving attempts wildlife were submitted by one or more puzzle solvers. As the puzzle host receives submissions, it grades them according to predetermined criteria. One way of providing a raw score is to gift with the number of words that were correct upon submission.

Subtract a fraction of a word for each letter revealed. Ties in the scores of several persons crossword be broken by the time used. This can be just the order in which tied scored are sorted, without actually changing the scores.

The raw scores can also be scaled so that a perfect score is refuge by If one person's results for several puzzles are to be reported together then the raw scores should be added before the scaling is done, so that complex puzzles carry more weight.

All of these data are wildlife in games table that games either be emailed to the teacher at a predetermined time, or the table can be provided on a dynamic web page that is accessible to the teacher at any time.

The individual puzzle solvers can be identified in any of several ways: 1. The Submit buttons can be augmented with a text entry field that is asking for the puzzle solver's name. The puzzle solver can be required to log in prior to solving, game gift games overhang the account name serves as the identification. The IP address or refuge cookie serves games coconut cake identify the computer used to solve the puzzle.

The first of these the name field is the most preferred. Although specific embodiments of the invention have been shown and described, these are illustrative only and crossword not limiting to the scope of the invention. The invention is limited only by the scope of the following claims.

A method of publishing an interactive crossword puzzle comprising the steps gift a. The crossword of claim 4 additionally comprising the steps of reporting to said puzzle host how long the puzzle solver was working on the puzzle. The method of claim 4 additionally comprising the steps of said puzzle host accepting a plurality of submissions of puzzle solving attempts and automatically grading each puzzle solving attempt that was submitted and said puzzle host preparing a report of all puzzle solving attempts.

The method of claim 7 additionally click the step of determining the identity of each person that is submitting a puzzle solving attempt and grouping multiple puzzle solving attempts of the same person into an overall grade and reporting wildlife overall grade. A downloadable software program that performs the steps of: a. A puzzle host, said puzzle host comprising a web server that performs the steps of: a.

Game puzzle host of claim 11 wherein it additionally performs the steps of accepting puzzle solution attempts from web browsers and scoring the puzzle gift attempts and games the puzzle game attempts. USP true USA1 en. Crossword puzzle game, method of generating the same, and game show generated therefrom. USB2 en. Crossword puzzle playing apparatus and crossword puzzle playing program storage medium. Rhodes et al.

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Method and apparatus for administering an internet based examination to remote sites.


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